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No one cares more than you do about keeping your home and those in it safe. That’s why Surety puts the control in your hands.

Our security and home automation services are powered by Alarm.com, but are installed and completely controlled by you. We provide you what you want, when you want it, and back you with unparalleled online support. We make your privacy our priority and, unlike the search engine and retail giants, we actually mean it. Surety is connected home security the way it should be.

Think of us as your home’s best friend. Always there. Always aware. Always ready to help.
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Our roots are in home security but a Surety system can do so much more!

In addition to the Surety Alarm.com app, you can control your system with

Our best-in-class software is seamlessly integrated with the most trusted smart home brands

What you want, when you want it. Surety, a connected home the way it should be.


Never had a security system?

We make it easy. We’ve partnered with Qolsys to ensure you get the absolute best Alarm.com experience, and we’ll help you determine what kind of monitoring will work best for you. Our easy-to-use equipment is not only attractive and easy to install, it’s also commercial grade for longer life and reliability.


Already have a security system?

If it’s Alarm.com compatible, it will only take minutes to get you connected with our service. And we offer our renowned, industry-leading technical support for all Alarm.com systems.


Using our service day in and day out.

Whether you’re a security system novice or a seasoned pro, everything we do is designed to make monitoring your Surety Home incredibly simple and enjoyable.

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Five out of five star rating.

“Surety has always been a fantastic company to work with! Getting everything set up was a breeze years ago and they’ve maintained a reasonable price that has actually *decreased* at least twice… An easy choice for monitoring and home automation”

Bryan D. , Google Review , 11/25/2019
Five out of five star rating.

“Amazing company with top notch service. They are excellent about responding”

Cody , Better Business Bureau , 12/18/2019
Five out of five star rating.

“Switched from Frontpoint because of limited devices and non-transparent pricing. I’m glad I did, Surety has been excellent. Heck, even the gear they sell are some of the best prices on the internet… Thanks Surety, and don’t change who you are”

Seismal , Better Business Bureau , 1/10/2020
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