IQ Panel 4 Replacement Backup Battery


Stay secured even when the power is out


  • 3.7V backup battery
  • 10 Wh
  • 3000 mAh capacity

Panel Compatibility

IQ Panel 4

1 year warranty

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Why should I replace my battery?

Rechargeable batteries will see their capacity diminish over time. Battery replacement is recommended at least after 5 years of usage. If your backup battery is not keeping your panel powered long enough when the AC is out, it’s time to replace it!

Always power down your alarm panel prior to battery replacement. You can do so via the panel menu under Settings > Advanced Settings > Power Down.


I replaced the battery, why isn’t the low battery icon gone?
The panel must be powered down when inserting the battery, and when powering back up it will register the new battery appropriately. Reboot your panel Settings > Advanced Settings > Panel Reboot

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