How To Move With Your Home Security System

When you install a home security system, you probably aren’t thinking about what you will do with the system when it comes time to move. Most of us aren’t. However, when that day comes, you will likely question whether you can or should take it with you—or whether it’s even worth the effort. Surety is […]

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Company Hacks Are Everywhere—Protect Your Connected Home From Corporate Data Breaches

Hackers are getting us where we live—literally. They’ve moved from hacking email databases and credit card accounts to a much more personal space: Our home. Amazon’s Ring, Google’s Nest and Wyze have fallen victim to the attacks. The potential vulnerability of connected smart homes leaves consumers feeling nervous and uneasy, especially when they hear reports […]

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How Much “Security” Does Your Home Need?

Whether you’ve just purchased your new home or have been a homeowner for a while, you’ve probably considered investing in a home security system. With so many options available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or confused about which system is right for you. As an experienced partner in the connected home security industry, we advise […]

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Securing Your Home Security – Setting Up Your System on a Secure Wi-Fi Network

Setting up your Surety system on a secure Wi-Fi network is important to you, and it is equally important to us. We consider ourselves your “privacy champion” in the connected home industry, and it is our priority to help you feel safe and secure as you begin to use our system. While no form of […]

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SuretyDIY is getting a new improved look

Your home is your domain. Helping you make the most of it is ours. As such, it is with pleasure that we share with you how our team has been working to do that even better. Moving forward, you will see a new logo and that we are simplifying our brand name to Surety. As […]

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Control your whole home with the push of one button! Map multiple actions to a single button which can be activated within the app or set as a home screen widget on your smartphone. Pre-built scene suggestions can be adjusted and saved, or you can build your own custom scenes. Try editing the sleep […]

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What to Do if You Need to Report a Change of Address

Change of address? No problem! Your system can move wherever you do. Should you find yourself moving to a new address, and you are taking your system with you, please notify us at or by submitting a private message. Please include the following information in your message: 1. Primary subscriber’s name. 2. Existing system […]

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How to Install a 2GIG Take-345 Takeover Module.

The perfect device for people looking to make use of an existing hardwired alarm system with a new 2GIG panel, the takeover module supports up to 8 wired zones and translates them into wireless signals. Installation will be slightly varied based on the existing wired system you have at your location. Some of the common […]

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How to Crack Open your Windows and Still Arm your Window Sensors

A fairly common question posed by security system owners is how they can arm their system while still leaving a window cracked open for air flow. One answer is of course to bypass the zone pertaining to the window you want to leave open, but this is likely undesirable. They may only want to open the window a few […]

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How to Monitor your Garage Door. Always Know if it is Open.

Through there are a number of ways to monitor your garage doors and know whether or not they are open at any time. Three methods are shown below.   1. The Tilt Sensor (RE206 2Gig, RE106 GE) Tilt sensors are easy to install, easy to program, and easy to customize with notifications. A few […]

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