How to Install a 2GIG Take-345 Takeover Module.

The perfect device for people looking to make use of an existing hardwired alarm system with a new 2GIG panel, the takeover module supports up to 8 wired zones and translates them into wireless signals.

Installation will be slightly varied based on the existing wired system you have at your location. Some of the common panels you might find are the DSC PC1616 and the Honeywell Vista 15/20P.

What all of them will have in common is a 12VDC battery back-up and charging circuit, AC power, and a number of zone circuits which you will use to translate your wired sensors into wireless signals using the Take-345 2GIG Takeover Module.

A typical takeover module installation will reuse the existing wired alarm panel as the battery charging circuit and the aux power for powered wired sensors such as motion detectors and glass break detectors.

If you ordered your Take-345 along with a panel and service, and suretyDIY pre-programmed your Take-345 into your 2GIG alarm panel, use steps 2-10.

  1. Begin by noting your hardwired sensor zone numbers. This will make naming and programming your takeover module zones a much easier task. If the system is not currently functional, you can always test and determine which zones are which at a later time.
  2. Test wired sensors using the existing system keypad. Determine if there are any sensors that are not currently functioning.
  3. Unplug AC power for the old alarm panel. Disconnect the battery.
  4. Cut and label jumper wires to run between your Take-345 and your old alarm panel. In a typical installation, you will need one conductor per zone and a pair of conductors for 12VDC power.
  5. One by one, remove the wires connected to the Zone terminals on your old alarm panel and splice them together with the appropriate jumpers you made. The Zone terminals may be labeled Z, HI, Zone, or simply by digits 1,2,3 etc. Leave the Common (Ground) conductor from the old sensor circuit wired as is. The Common terminals may be labeled COM, GND, LO, etc.- Your takeover module does not look for any specific resistance value, so any resistors connected to the sensor circuits can be removed if you wish.
  6. Connect your power jumper to the positive and negative Aux power output (constant 12VDC output) of the old alarm panel.
  7. Run your jumpers through a hole in the metal housing of the old alarm panel. Please note the Take-345 takeover module cannot be placed inside the housing because the metal will absorb the majority of its wireless signals.
  8. Connect your labeled power jumper conductors to G and 12V (negative and positive, respectively).
  9. Connect your zone jumpers in terminals 1-8. If you have more than 8 zones, you can splice existing zones in series or use multiple takeover modules.
  10. Power your old panel, battery first, then AC power.
  11. Program your takeover module zones.- Choose a Sensor Type appropriate to the zone. (Interior Follower for motion detectors, Entry Exit for entry doors, etc.)
    – Equipment Type will be 2GIG Takeover Module.
    – Sensor serial ID will be the following:

    1. Zone 1: Seven digit TX ID on Takeover Module label (always ends in 1).
    2. Zone 2: Same first 6 digits, end with “2”
    3. Zone 3: Same first 6 digits, end with “3”
    4. Zone 4: Same first 6 digits, end with “4”
    5. Zone 5: Same first 6 digits, end with “5”
    6. Zone 6: Same first 6 digits, end with “6”
    7. Zone 7: Same first 6 digits, end with “7”
    8. Zone 8: Same first 6 digits, end with “8″

    – Loop will always be 1 for takeover module zones.
    – Select a voice descriptor.
    – Enable reports and supervision.
    – Choose whether or not that zone should chime.

  12. Your panel will reboot once you exit programming, saving changes. When it powers back up, test your system.
  13. Note any zones that do not function as expected. If this is a wired system you have never used before, and you run into issues, please consult our support forum.

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