Before founding Surety, originally known as SuretyCAM, Ryan Boder created custom software for home automation and security systems of the ultra-wealthy. He quickly realized that affordable options for securing and automating homes, such as, were advancing rapidly and beginning to add features previously only available in very expensive custom systems. Ryan’s desire to help make this expanding technology more accessible led him to found Surety in 2011.

In 2013, Ryan’s then fiancée, Amanda, joined the team. She led the initial effort to expand Surety’s Do-It-Yourself offering into its own division of SuretyCAM; joining SuretyCAM Commercial and SuretyCAM Residential, as “SuretyDIY”. By 2014, the couple decided that they wanted to focus their efforts and resources on SuretyDIY. They had been offering numerous services, but identified most with the clients choosing SuretyDIY. It was the service their own family used everyday. Surety began to divest itself from its full service residential and commercial work, and by 2016 Surety had completed its transformation into an entirely e-commerce based, self-installed security and automation company, powered by

In 2018, Surety underwent a brand transformation and made significant infrastructure investments, while being hyper focused on maintaining high quality and delivering an exceptional customer experience. Surety is now the most efficient way to get service in the United States.

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