How To Move With Your Home Security System

When you install a home security system, you probably aren’t thinking about what you will do with the system when it comes time to move. Most of us aren’t. However, when that day comes, you will likely question whether you can or should take it with you—or whether it’s even worth the effort.

Surety is different from other home security companies in that we monitor a variety of security systems, some wired and some wireless. We monitor any system that is compatible with including Qolsys, 2GIG, DSC and Interlogix. Most of our customers use wireless Qolsys or 2GIG systems but even hardwired takeover modules can include wired sensors.

What should I do with my home security when I move?

If you are about to embark on a big move, it’s time to consider what is best when it comes to what to do with your home security. You have two choices: leave it or take it with you. While that may seem like a simple option, there is actually a lot to consider, and it starts with the system you currently own.

If you have a wired system, we recommend leaving it behind for the next owner. Parts that are mounted and screwed into your walls are a lot of work to remove, so it’s best to avoid the hassle.

If you own a wireless system, here are some pros and cons for leaving it vs. taking it with you:

Pros to Leaving It

  • It may be a selling point to your potential buyers.
  • You can get a brand new system for your new home.

Cons to Leaving It

  • If your new home needs similar sensors, it will cost you more if you have to purchase the same equipment you left behind.

Pros to Taking It

  • If the layout of your new home has a similar layout to your old home, taking your system with you will save you money.

Cons to Taking It

  • It will take time to patch and fill open holes, pack it away in an organized fashion, and reinstall everything on the other end. This could be inconvenient if you don’t have the time, skills, or desire to do that type of work.
  • It may not keep your new home as secure if a different mix of sensors is required.

How do I leave it behind?

If you’ve weighed the pros and cons and decide to leave the system behind, we recommend the following:

  • List it on the seller disclosure form as something that doesn’t come with the house. Most buyers would not be willing to pay more for the house because of it, and you can use it as a bargaining piece for something you want, such as a specific closing time or location, or for that refrigerator you want to take with you. You can also use it to justify your final price.
  • Delete your personal data from the system before you move, such as user names and disarm codes (especially if you intend to use those same codes in the next house).
  • Don’t delete the sensor programming. It does not contain personal information, and you’ll save the new homeowner from having to reprogram the system.
  • Give the new owners the installer and master codes so it’s easier for them to get set up with the monitoring company. Inform the monitoring company that you will be moving, and ask how you can make the process easier for the new owner.
  • As you begin thinking about the purchase of your next system, consider components that are easy to move. Many alarm control panels (including the Qolsys IQ Panel) provide wall-mount or countertop/tabletop options. Both are equally secure, but the wall-mount option is more difficult to remove and transport. If you want to move your system with you in the future, choose the option that can sit on a shelf or a countertop.

How do I take it with me?

If you decide to take the system with you to your new home, here’s what we recommend:

  • Specify on your seller disclosure form that the system does not come with the house. If you don’t, it is assumed that any equipment physically attached to the house is included in the sale.
  • Take a photo of your wiring before you remove it, specifically your main control panel, cameras, and thermostats. It will be easier to install at your new house if you have a photo to refer to.
  • Plan ahead on how you will remove the system parts. You will need to fill the holes and repair any drywall damage left behind by the control panel, keypad, and sensors.
  • Sensors stuck to your walls with double-sided tape may be difficult to remove. The adhesive becomes stronger over time, so peel it off slowly. Door/window sensors are worth about $20 new. It would be a shame if you did $50 worth of damage to the wall or door/window frame trying to remove one.
  • Pack the equipment neatly as you remove it so you know what parts go together. If you throw it in a big pile and pack it later, it will be a headache to sort out.

What’s the best way to reinstall my system?

Once you are in your new home, think about where you will put each component of the system to protect your home the best. If you have questions, please ask our support forum. We are happy to help.

Here are a few tips to make your reinstallation go smoothly:

  • When it comes time to reinstall everything at your new home, plan ahead. Don’t just start throwing things up. Think about where you’ll put each item so that it will be most effective at protecting your home and most convenient for day to day use.
  • Don’t reuse tape from the previous installation. We recommend purchasing a new roll of 3M double-sided tape. Good tape and a solid installation are vital to preventing false alarms.
  • Inform your monitoring center that you have moved. Provide your new address so they will send emergency responders to the correct house.
  • When your new system is installed, conduct a “walk test” of your sensors. To do this, put your account in “test mode” and notify your monitoring center that you are doing the test. Trigger each sensor, and make sure the alarm signal went through to the monitoring center. Ask the monitoring center to verify they’ve received an alarm signal from each sensor. If you use Surety or any provider, you will see alarm signals from your account on the website or mobile app.

Surety offers a professional-grade security system that is easy to install and move from one home to the next. If you are interested in learning more about our system or the products we offer, visit our website. We would be happy to help you find a solution that is right for your needs.

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