“This company somehow feels like a hidden gem: Prices are great for both equipment and service. Customer service is top notch. Very responsive and knowledgeable team. Many, many options for home security and automation. No contract. I honestly don’t know how it can get any better.”

A. D. , Better Business Bureau , 11/07/2019

“I have been a customer for a number of years and I don’t usually leave reviews. However, with the level of superior service and satisfaction that I have had with this company, I felt compelled to leave one. In my opinion, this company is doing the security alarm business the right way. I have been very happy with the products, monitoring and customer support available. I have found this company to be very unique in the security alarm business. Thank you for being that unique company that puts the customer first and makes it a pleasure to do business with.”

Roger W. , Better Business Bureau , 9/27/2019

“I am so glad that even though we moved to south Texas from Central Ohio, I was able to keep my service with Y’ all. I have been so happy with the services Surety has provided! The customer service is top notch!! Since we have moved we are trying to get our addresses updated on our bank accounts. It’s proving to be challenging as we updating things quicker than what the banks have, so it has caused some billing issues…. The CS agents have been nothing but patient assisting me with clearing out the failed payments as I work to resolve the mismatch and add our old billing address back into the system so that payments for services will be successful.

As I walk around my new neighborhood I see all kinds of Vivint yard signs, and I just cringe, I wish the general public could be educated on how easy it is to do self installations! Yes buying all the equipment up front can be a bit costly, but y’ all offer a financing option if needed which I think is great! With the ease of programming and the advancement in wireless sensors, I couldn’t dream of paying someone to install a system in my home. With Surety I can have the type and amount of sensors I want and prefer vs a company dictating to me what I can and can’t do or have, and price gouging me if I wanted something extra. Thanks again! If I could give y’all 10 stars I would!”

Adam D. , Emailed Feedback , 10/04/2019

“First, I want to thank Surety for being so SIMPLE to setup (and Cancel) if I ever need to. With Livewatch (Now Brinks) I had to call them for every single thing, even to adjust a lot of my thermostat settings, and then listen to sales pitch after sales pitch for new items. Surety, not a single call needed to be made and when I do need to cancel (hopefully not soon) it appears I just click a cancel button. This is how a DIY service should be!!!

Also! Price is AMAZING, over $10 less than I was paying (and I was on a retention plan with Brinks) plus, it appears new features have shown up on my alarm.com account that weren’t there with brinks, and I’m not just talking about some of the advanced tabs like the advanced thermostat tab (BTW this advanced tab is the main feature that made me choose you all. Please don’t get rid of this!).”

Devin S. , Surety Forum Review , 7/14/2019

“Surety is amazing! Our family recently purchased a home and inherited an existing security system left behind from one of the large contract-based companies. When it falsely went off one morning, I knew I either had to get rid of it, or get it hooked up and working, which is how I found Surety (not willing to get into a contract or spend a lot of money.) The service, pricing and most importantly documentation/guides/videos have all been phenomenal. Without this, there is no way I could have gotten it all working (I have no background with security systems.) I would highly recommend Surety if you are comfortable doing it yourself; you’ll be happy you did!”

Isaiah W. , Facebook Review , 1/09/2019

“I signed up with Surety about a week ago and I have to say that I am INCREDIBLY IMPRESSED by them.  The pricing they offer for the alarm.com connectivity/interface is extremely low.

The most impressive part of the service is the support they give through their forums.  People post questions and the team from Surety that monitor and respond on the forums are very quick to reply with  thorough, knowledgeable, complete and helpful answers.  I really can’t say enough about how impressive they are.

They have made my DIY alarm project infinitely easier and really helped me figure things out.

I am a huge fan and would highly recommend that if you are thinking of doing a DIY alarm project you sign up with them!”

G.N. , Westfield, NJ , Yelp , 7/03/2018

“Could not recommend enough. The service is excellent and the price is unbeatable. We switched from another company where we felt like we were being taken advantage of; but not with Surety! This has been the best move for home security.”

Melissa C. , Citrus Heights, CA , Yelp , 4/26/2018

These guys know what they are talking about. They were able to answer all of my questions and design a great, affordable home security/automation system. They’ve been just as helpful even after the sale in answering any of my questions.

I can arm/disarm, lock/unlock, turn lights on/off, and receive alerts/notifications all from my phone. Too cool! In my mind this has already paid for itself. The system notified me that I had forgotten to close my garage door on more than one evening. Had I not received notification from my Surety system who knows how many of my tools, bikes, lawn equipment, etc might have been missing from my garage the next morning.

Nick A. , Columbus, OH , Google Review

“These people are unbelievably helpful and patient. I switched from another system and they really provided timely and helpful support. I had an existing system and they provided just what was needed.”

Steve K. , Facebook Review , 7/25/2017

“Just wanted to say that so far I am extremely happy with my decision to go with Surety. I bought my actual system elsewhere(just cause I could save a few bucks) but signed up for the monitoring service through Surety. I have been reading these boards for a few days and I am INCREDIBLY IMPRESSED by the responsiveness of the “moderators”. I have seen Jason and Warren (hope I am not leaving anybody out) answer questions so completely, thoroughly with great information and incredibly fast turn around time. You guys are doing a fantastic job!”

gnadan , Surety Forum Review , 6/28/2018

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