“Just upgraded from an old Honeywell Vista and old local provider. Went with an Qolsys IQ2+ panel with both new wireless sensors as well as integrated the existing wired sensors. New system is well beyond what the old Vista provided along with a bunch of new capabilities that I never had before. Surety support was the closer in this as they assisted all along the way with answering a boatload of questions I had, both before and after the sale. Their online support forums are fantastic and active. Additionally their service is the one of the cheapest out there. I literally pay $1 more a month than I did with my old provider yet I have a ton more capabilities. I can actually save a few dollars if I go back to the basic services I had with my old provider, but not worth it for the extra dollar. Additionally Surety offers month to month service, so you can cancel at any time or upgrade or downgrade your service. Overall highly recommend Surety and their offering vs going to something like Nest, Ring or Cove. This solution is vastly superior and offers tons of features.”

Christopher B. , Google Review , 5/27/2020

“I’ve had quite a bit of experience with security providers, and Surety is by far the best that I’ve encountered. They are the third monitoring service that we have used for our home, and we are customers for life! This is a DIY alarm service, which basically means that you install the system yourself. Do not be intimated by this. Installing a wireless security system is much easier than many think. If you run into any issues, the friendly and knowledgeable techs at Surety will guide y through step by step. Anytime you have a question or an issue, you’ll get a very quick response. You also own your system and are not locked in by any contracts. They use Alarm.com which is the exact same platform that ADT, Brinks, and thousands of other providers use. To save money, I purchased all of my equipment on ebay. That brings me to another positive about Surety; you don’t have to buy the equipment from them. If you do choose to buy equipment from them, they have an optional zero interest payment plan, spread out over 12 months. Now for the best part, plans range from only $6 to $29 dollars per month! We have the $29 package. This includes the monitoring (system has it’s own cellular connection), home automation, and the security cameras. The home automation has too many features to list, but you can see a breakdown of each plan at their website, suretyhome Go with Surety!”

Curt C. , Trustpilot Review , 5/05/2020

“I’ve had excellent service for 8 years. Messages sent to CS are responded to within an hour to 12 hours usually, and they answer any question you have about your system, Alarm.com, etc. with a lot of knowledge and don’t give up until your issue is resolved.”

Shawn C. , Facebook Review , 5/02/2020

“Great customer service / support, and transparent, easy site to manage your account.”

Greg M. , Better Business Bureau Review , 4/16/2020

“Very quick to respond and definitely helped me get a resolution! Have used Surety for a few years and haven’t been disappointed!”

Tessa H. , Emailed Surety Review , 4/07/2020

“Our old system needed an update and wanted to do diy. Surety provided great customer service / support, and have a transparent, easy site to manage your account. Switched to Surety from a competitor and feel much better about our home security.”

Gregory M. , Trustpilot Review , 4/16/2020

“Reputable company with great customer service. They have always been very responsive to questions and are very transparent regarding pricing and products they offer. Unlike many companies, they offer better value in their products and services as time goes on. They even lowered pricing for many of their plans and switched existing customers over to the new lower rates automatically while still maintaining the same great features in their plans. Great company to do business with…”

James E. , Better Business Bureau Review , 3/22/2020

“It’s the customer support that sets them apart. And the pricing. And the state-of-the-art-equipment. We switched from one of the big nationwide competitors and will NOT go back. Surety customizes the solution for your needs, integrates your old equipment whenever possible, saves you a fortune and walks you through the process every step of the way. The end result is better performance and as a bonus you will feel more in command of your home security system than you EVER would have by outsourcing it; why? Because you did it yourself, with an assist from them.”

David M. , Better Business Bureau Review , 3/10/2020

“Excellent, responsive support and great pricing for monitoring plans and equipment.”

Peter P. , Google Review , 3/05/2020

“Surety’s customer service is superior and their prices can’t be beat. The equipment is state of the art, the interfaces are easy to learn and they take pride in getting you the best deal. Unless you are physically incapable of installing a few sensors and following their instructions there’s no reason to go with anyone else.”

Jim M. , Facebook Review , 3/08/2020

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