“Best deal in town and fantastic support!”

Todd N. , Facebook Review , 1/12/2020

“Moved from Frontpoint to Surety. Frontpoint has excellent customer service but it ends at things they don’t directly support. Also, they’re pricing scheme is expensive and no longer transparent.

I looked for another service and found Surety. I get the same excellent service but they will also try to help with things they do not support, even so far as calling manufactures on your behalf for information. On top of that, the prices are upfront and more reasonable. I actually found out about them when searching for answers for my Frontpoint system problem, that Frontpoint was unwilling to help with. Glad I switched…”

Richard S. , Google Review , 1/10/2020

“This company is the best alarm company I can find out there. (They’re) always there to answer any questions… everything about this company is great, I highly recommend them to anyone. Getting ready to (get) a second location cant wait for years of service.”

Charlie S. , Better Business Bureau Review , 1/04/2020

“Amazing company with top notch service. They are excellent about responding”

Cody , Better Business Bureau Review , 12/18/2019

“The new lower pricing is what “pushed me over the edge” and prompted me to order a new communicator and service with Surety. Had I known about the amazing customer service and professionalism of Surety, I would have done it much sooner than I did; at (almost) any price. Kudos to the team at Surety!”

SmoovC , Surety Forum Review , 12/07/2019

“Great security monitoring service. They helped me takeover my existing system once contract was concluded. Now, after about a year, I have same great service with options and features I did not have and i got a new price about 10% CHEAPER. Who does that anymore?
Thanks Surety!!!”

J. P. , Google Review , 11/29/2019

“Surety has always been a fantastic company to work with! Getting everything set up was a breeze years ago and they’ve maintained a reasonable price that has actually *decreased* at least twice since I started my contract! An easy choice for monitoring and home automation”

Bryan D. , Google Review , 11/25/2019

“This company somehow feels like a hidden gem: Prices are great for both equipment and service. Customer service is top notch. Very responsive and knowledgeable team. Many, many options for home security and automation. No contract. I honestly don’t know how it can get any better.”

A. D. , Better Business Bureau Review , 11/07/2019

“Excellent Home Security Company. Just signed up with Surety recently after leaving another company and am very pleased:
No contract
Low price
Extremely knowledgeable and courteous staff
Full access to all of alarm.com features (my other company didn’t offer this without me having to call in every time).”

NYer , Trustpilot Review , 11/07/2019

“Every time I have requested Surety for support on my 2GIG GC3 system, they have always come up with a solution in a timely manner. My most current experience was in relation to updating my Cell Radio to 4G LTE. I had a couple of questions and also encountered a technical issue. Surety responded and resolved them all very quickly. They are the best to deal with and I highly recommend them.”

Kenneth B. , Google Review , 11/04/2019

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