What to Do if You Need to Report a Change of Address

Change of address? No problem! Your system can move wherever you do.

Should you find yourself moving to a new address, and you are taking your system with you, please notify us at or by submitting a private message. Please include the following information in your message:

1. Primary subscriber’s name.
2. Existing system street address, city, state, zip code.
3. New system street address, city, state, zip code.
4. Date you would like these changes to take effect.

If 24/7 Professional Monitoring is included in your subscription, you can place your service on test mode with our monitoring operators for up to one week at a time by visiting the Test My System tab in your Surety System Manager. This will let you set up and test your system without operators reacting to alarm signals. When your system is set up and ready to go, you can clear test mode in your System Manager at any time.

If there are any changes to your contact list or premise phone number, these can be made at any time under the Professional Monitoring tab of your System Manager.

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