Qolsys IQ Hardwire 16F


Retrofit an existing wired alarm system

Connect a hardwired security alarm system and use existing wired sensors with your modern IQ Panel 2.


  • 15 zones can be configured normally open or normally closed
  • Supports powered motion detectors and glass break detectors
  • Supports up to ten two-wire smoke detectors
  • Can activate the siren on the existing panel
  • Secure, encrypted wireless communication with IQ Panel

Works with IQ Panel 2 security alarm systems.

1 year warranty

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Turn your legacy alarm system into a modern connected home

There’s nothing wrong with your existing alarm system. Instead of completely replacing it, use the sensors and siren with your moden IQ Panel.

Trigger home automation

Your wired sensors can be used for home automation. Automatically turn on the lights when a door opens. Or record a video clip. Adjust the thermostat when a door or window was left open.

Detect intrusions and fire with Surety

If you’re going to use a wireless security alarm, choose professional grade hardware with secure wireless communication so you can be confident it will do it’s job.

Why should I use encrypted wireless communication?

The majority of security systems are not as secure as they could be. With technology advancing rapidly, it’s becoming more and more likely that someone who wants to compromise your security system can do so without much effort or expense.

IQ encrypted sensors send signals in a coded form that can only be understood by the alarm system they are connected to. This ensures that only your system can access the content of the message, keeping your sensor activity data safe and practically eliminating your system’s exposure to spoofing and replay attacks.

Don’t worry, this device integrates seamlessly

Surety is your connection to the award winning Alarm.com ecosystem, allowing you to use hundreds of best-in-class security and home autiomation devices from a single app that runs on almost anything. All that and the industry’s best customer service are why Surety is your home’s best friend.

Specs & Guides

Part Number
Input Voltage
16.0VDC Plug-In Transformer
Backup Battery
12VDC 5AH Max (optional)
5.5” X 3.5”
Operating Temperature
32 to 122F (0 to 50C)
95% RH Max
EOL Supervision
4.7K Ohm
Input Zones
15 N/O or N/C
Smoke Zone
1 two-wire smoke loop, 10 detectors max
System Sensor Support
2W-B, 2WT-B, 2WTA-B
Auxiliary Voltage Output
12VDC @ 500mA Max
Tamper Zone
Used for case tamper, no resistor
Relay Contact
60VDC/1A Max drives siren

Plan Compatibility

Security Alarm & Automation
Automate Alarm Home
Cameras Only
View Cam Cam Plus
Alarm, Automation & Cameras
Protect Complete


Do I need to use EOL resistors?
Yes, each zone requires a 4.7K Ohm EOL resistor. (included)

Still have questions? We’ve got answers!
The Surety support forum is the #1 resource for answers to all your questions about setting up and using the thermostat.
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