PowerG Heat Detector


More reliable. Professionally monitored.

When lives are on the line we choose reliability over glamour. The PowerG heat detector is simple, reliable, and preferred by security alarm and fire safety professionals.


  • PowerG wireless provides 4X longer range!
  • All fire detectors sound together like interconnected wired
  • More overall intelligence, thanks to the smart security system
  • Automatic notifications to your phone such as low battery alerts
  • Reliable cellular communication from your alarm panel does not depend on spotty WIFI

Panel Compatibility

IQ Panel 2+ IQ Panel 4

1 year warranty



24/7 professional monitoring sends the fire department

It sounds silly but some flashy and expensive “smart” fire detectors can’t do the single most important thing you need after sounding an audible alarm – call the fire department. With Surety professional monitoring the PowerG heat detector sends the fire department whether you’re away from home, unconsious, or overwhelmed.

Life safety devices should not depend on WIFI

Your alarm panel connects through cellular so it’s more reliable and doesn’t depend on WIFI. Add WIFI in addition to cellular for maximum reliability with dual path communication.

Reduce false alarms

Provide fire detection coverage in areas where false alarm hazards hinder smoke detector use such as kitchens and unfinished basements.

Whole home integration

As a part of the larger smart security system, the PowerG heat detector can do things like automatically turn off your HVAC fan when fire is detected, preventing smoke from circulating around the house and giving you more time to get out.

Why should I use PowerG sensors?

The majority of security systems are not as secure as they could be. With technology advancing rapidly, it’s becoming more and more likely that someone who wants to compromise your security system can do so without much effort or expense.

PowerG sensors use 128 bit AES encryption to send signals in a coded form that can only be understood by the alarm system they are connected to. This ensures that only your system can access the content of the message, keeping your sensor activity data safe and practically eliminating your system’s exposure to spoofing and replay attacks.

On top of powerful encryption, PowerG sensors use spread spectrum frequency hopping rf for the most secure wireless sensors available.

Don’t worry, this device integrates seamlessly

Surety is your connection to the award winning Alarm.com ecosystem, allowing you to use hundreds of best-in-class security and home automation devices from a single app that runs on almost anything. All that and the industry’s best customer service are why Surety is your home’s best friend.

Specs & Guides

Part number
125 x 63mm (5 x 2.5in)
3 AAA batteries (included)
Battery life
3 years (typical use)
Wireless protocol
Wireless signal range
2000-2500ft in open air
Alarm, alarm restore, tamper, tamper restore, low battery
Transmitter frequency
USA: 912-919 MHz
243g (8.75oz)
Operating Temperature
4.4°C to 37.8°C (40°F to 100°F)
Operating Environment

Plan Compatibility

Security Alarm & Automation
Automate Alarm Home
Cameras Only
View Cam Cam Plus
Alarm, Automation & Cameras
Protect Complete


How do I automatically turn off my HVAC fan when a fire is detected?
Log into the Alarm.com website and go to Automation -> Rules. Enable the Fire Safety rule.

Still have questions? We’ve got answers!
The Surety support forum is the #1 resource for answers to all your questions about setting up and using your sensors.
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