How to Switch your 2GIG Go!Control System to Surety

Using Your 2GIG GoControl Panel

If you have determined that a DIY Alarm Monitoring Service is the right fit for you, and you are looking to switch to Surety from another provider, the following steps will help you to get up and running with your service powered by

  • First, it’s a good idea to get an idea of the service plan you will want to use. Some considerations include:
    • Do you want central station 24/7 monitoring?
    • Do you have Zwave Automation equipment like door locks, lights, thermostats etc.?
    • Do you have cameras and require Cloud Video?
    • Do you have Image sensors or plan to add them?
  • Note when any service contract ends with your current provider. If you have a 2Gig system currently but no provider, you will want to find your communications module number. For assistance finding this number, see the video below. Once you have this you can check your module number to see if it is unlocked.
  • Keep in mind that as of 2015, new accounts cannot be set up with a 2G communications module. This is due to cell carriers phasing out the service.



  • If your module is unlocked, it is ready for use with another account. If not, there are a couple options.
    • You can contact your current (or recent) provider and request that your module be released for use with another provider.
    • You can purchase a new module. Surety has these available through our web store. Any modules used with Surety service will never be locked out. You can use this coverage check tool to determine which carrier is the best fit for you.
  • If you are coming from a security provider who uses proprietary firmware with their alarm panel, you will need to update the firmware on your panel. Otherwise, you may need to update the firmware for use with a new module. This video will help you find the current firmware on your 2Gig Go!Control Panel.
    • For the Verizon LTE a minimum firmware version of 1.17 is required.
    • For the AT&T 3G HSPA a minimum firmware version of 1.9.6 is required.
    • For 2Gig you can find the necessary update cable and links to firmware here.
  • If you need help updating the firmware of your unit, you can find instructions in the video below.



  • Swapping the communications module (if necessary) can be accomplished with help from the following video.




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