Face Recognition on IQ Panel 2 – Unexpected Activity Alerts

Alarm.com is using face recognition technology to make Unexpected Activity Alerts even smarter. Users can now monitor for unauthorized code sharing and receive alerts whenever the person using a disarm code is different from the person assigned that code. These alerts include a disarm image taken at the panel, so users can see who accessed their properties and take immediate action as needed. This feature is initially available to customers using the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 (a built-in panel camera is required) with firmware version 2.3.0 or higher. Face Recognition is included with service packages that support Unexpected Activity Alerts and Images – Plus.

Alarm.com Supports Cooper Eaton Z-Wave Devices

We have expanded our automation ecosystem to include the latest Z-Wave Plus switches, dimmers, and outlet from Cooper Eaton for remote and automated control of lights and appliances. Featuring greater range, reliability, and S2 encryption, Cooper Eaton devices are a popular choice for builder programs and customers looking for the latest in home automation technology. The supported devices are the Wireless Switch (RF9601D), Wireless Accessory Switch (RF9617D), Universal Smart Dimmer (RF9640-ND), Smart Accessory Dimmer (RF9642-ZD), and Duplex Receptacle (RFTR9605-T). The accessory switch and dimmer are only available for Qolsys IQ Panel 2 and 2GIG GC3.

Lutron Radio RA2 Select Now Supported!

Alarm.com now supports RA2 Select, Lutron’s newest home automation line, including lights, shades, switches, and appliance modules. The RA2 Select line supports up to 100 devices on a single account and is flexible enough to fit the needs of any user. The RA2 Select line combines the Caseta line’s ease of installation with the Radio RA2 line’s high-end hardware options, at an even more affordable price point. Users can control these products from the Alarm.com Mobile App or user Website, as well as combine them with other smart devices as part of Alarm.com Scenes for the full smart home experience. Visit our Knowledge Base article or contact a certified Lutron Service Provider for more information.

Mobile App Updates for iOS and Android

Our latest app update (version 4.7 for iOS and version 4.5.9 for Android) will be available in the coming days. On iOS, we added a new feature for users with the latest version of the Image Sensor (ADC-IS-300-LP). The app now automatically scrolls through each of the four frames, creating an animation of each captured event. Pause and start the image playback by tapping on the image. This same enhancement will be available in a future update for Android. This app update also includes minor enhancements for Android users.

New Garage Door Controllers Now Supported
Alarm.com now supports registration of the latest types of LiftMaster and Chamberlain MyQ® Garage Universal Garage Door Controllers (821LMB and MyQ-G0301-D). These devices are the successors to the LiftMaster MyQ® Garage Universal Garage Door Controller (821LM).
Alarm.com Supports New Z-Wave Locks from Kwikset

We are expanding our lock lineup to include the latest new locks from Kwikset: the Convert, Obsidian, and SmartCode 888. The Convert is an easy-to-install retrofit option that allows users to keep their existing exterior lock hardware. The Obsidian features a contemporary design and Kwikset’s trademarked SecureScreen technology. The SmartCode 888 makes one of Kwikset’s most popular form factors more affordable and stores up to 30 user codes. All of these locks are Z-Wave Plus certified, offering faster, more reliable performance.

Alarm.com Legrand Integration
You can now connect any Legrand On-Q Digital Audio system to your Alarm.com accounts for music and audio control through the Mobile App.
Alarm.com Slim Line Doorbell Camera Firmware Upgrade
A firmware upgrade is now available for the Slim Line Doorbell Camera. This firmware contains a number of upgrades, including stability improvements for clip uploads. Over time the update will be automatically applied to all currently installed cameras through an automated overnight firmware upgrade process.
New Stream Video Recorder Available (ADC-SVR122)
Alarm.com has added a second Stream Video Recorder (SVR) to its video hardware line-up as another option for 24×7 professional local video storage. The new ADC-SVR122 features an attractive, compact design. Like the SVR100, the SVR122 supports recording for up to 8 IP cameras on the user’s local network. The SVR122 also includes new features, such as HDMI and USB ports for watching video on a TV or monitor. As with the SVR100, users can also watch recorded footage remotely from the Alarm.com User Website or Mobile App.
New Features Added to the Alarm.com Skill for Amazon Alexa
Using your voice to interact with Alarm.com is even easier with our recent updates to the Alarm.com Skill for Amazon Alexa. We added support for Two-Factor Authentication, Scenes control, secure actions (for example, unlocking a Z-Wave lock or disarming the panel), and more. We’ve even added hundreds of new ways to say commands, giving users more ways to interact with Alarm.com. This automatic update will be available to users over the next week.
Users Can Turn Off System Trouble Beeps from the Mobile App
Users can now use the Mobile App to turn off system trouble beeps that come from their security panel. This action will silence the trouble beeps for 7 days. This feature is supported on most Alarm.com compatible security panels:

DSC Impassa
DSC PowerSeries Neo
Interlogix Concord 4
Interlogix Simon XT
Interlogix Simon XTi and XTi-5
Qolsys IQ Panel
Qolsys IQ Panel 2
2GIG Go!Control Panel – with panel firmware and up
SEM PowerSeries – with firmware 4.4 and up

New iOS Mobile App Update Available
Our latest app update (version 4.4) for iOS (available in the coming days) includes compatibility enhancements and support for Face ID on the new iPhone X. This facial recognition feature can be used to access the app instead of Touch ID, which is not available on the iPhone X due to the lack of a fingerprint reader. This feature, which is optional and must be turned on by the user at the OS level and then within the Mobile App, allows quick and secure access using facial recognition. With this version of the app, we dropped support for iOS 8. Users with iOS 8 will not be impacted, but they will not be able to download this update until they upgrade their phone OS. This change does not impact device compatibility because all iOS devices that can currently use the Mobile App can be upgraded to the minimum required OS. The Android app (version 4.3.3) update will be released soon and contains minor enhancements.
New Mobile App Dashboard Card for Z-Wave Temperature Sensing Devices
Now users who have Z-Wave temperature sensing devices, such as the Alarm.com Temperature Sensor, but do not have a Z-Wave thermostat can see the current temperatures of these devices in the Mobile App. This new Temperature Sensors card displays the current sensor temperatures as well as status indicators to highlight possible issues, such as a low battery. Users must have Mobile App version 4.3.2 or higher. Temperature notifications can be configured in the Mobile App > Menu Icon > Notifications > Manage Notifications
IQ Panel 2 Firmware v2.0.6 Available
A firmware upgrade (version 2.0.6) is now available for users with the IQ Panel 2 with firmware version 2.0.1 and up.
New User Website!
All user accounts have now been upgraded to the new Alarm.com User Website. The new Website allows the most advanced services with a modern, easier-to-use experience. Updates include a centralized summary of activity, easy control through a card-based user interface (like the Mobile App), and simplified navigation that helps to highlight key features like Automation and Notifications.

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