Posted on Release Notes 11/6/2017

New iOS Mobile App Update Available
Our latest app update (version 4.4) for iOS (available in the coming days) includes compatibility enhancements and support for Face ID on the new iPhone X. This facial recognition feature can be used to access the app instead of Touch ID, which is not available on the iPhone X due to the lack of a fingerprint reader. This feature, which is optional and must be turned on by the user at the OS level and then within the Mobile App, allows quick and secure access using facial recognition. With this version of the app, we dropped support for iOS 8. Users with iOS 8 will not be impacted, but they will not be able to download this update until they upgrade their phone OS. This change does not impact device compatibility because all iOS devices that can currently use the Mobile App can be upgraded to the minimum required OS. The Android app (version 4.3.3) update will be released soon and contains minor enhancements.
New Mobile App Dashboard Card for Z-Wave Temperature Sensing Devices
Now users who have Z-Wave temperature sensing devices, such as the Temperature Sensor, but do not have a Z-Wave thermostat can see the current temperatures of these devices in the Mobile App. This new Temperature Sensors card displays the current sensor temperatures as well as status indicators to highlight possible issues, such as a low battery. Users must have Mobile App version 4.3.2 or higher. Temperature notifications can be configured in the Mobile App > Menu Icon > Notifications > Manage Notifications
IQ Panel 2 Firmware v2.0.6 Available
A firmware upgrade (version 2.0.6) is now available for users with the IQ Panel 2 with firmware version 2.0.1 and up.
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