Posted on Release Notes 5/14/2018 Slim Line Doorbell Camera Firmware Upgrade
A firmware upgrade is now available for the Slim Line Doorbell Camera. This firmware contains a number of upgrades, including stability improvements for clip uploads. Over time the update will be automatically applied to all currently installed cameras through an automated overnight firmware upgrade process.
New Stream Video Recorder Available (ADC-SVR122) has added a second Stream Video Recorder (SVR) to its video hardware line-up as another option for 24×7 professional local video storage. The new ADC-SVR122 features an attractive, compact design. Like the SVR100, the SVR122 supports recording for up to 8 IP cameras on the user’s local network. The SVR122 also includes new features, such as HDMI and USB ports for watching video on a TV or monitor. As with the SVR100, users can also watch recorded footage remotely from the User Website or Mobile App.
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