Stream Video Recorder


Never miss a moment

Record 24/7 continuous video. Reliably and cost effectively.


  • Search and view video with an incredibly easy to use timeline
  • Reliable, when your internet connection isn’t
  • Connect an HDMI monitor for local live view and playback
  • Video timeline automatically annotated with security system events

Requires Surety Cam, Surety Protect, or Surety Complete.

1 year warranty

This product is Discontinued by the manufacturer.

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Enhance your protection

The stream video recorder is your ace in the hole to capture large amounts of continuous video with the world’s most intelligent, secure and utterly delightful connected home security and automation platform.

Embrace the cloud but don’t depend on it

Storing video in the cloud is vital to safely keep important video clips. But when (not if) your internet is down and uploading video to the cloud fails, the SVR keeps on recording without missing a moment.

Never wonder what happened

Notice something interesting in your security system event history? With a single tap you can see recorded video of what happened.

Store more for less

Why pay big monthly fees to store every second from every camera in the cloud when most of the time nothing is happening? Intelligently store meaningful events in the cloud and let the SVR efficiently keep everything else.

Don’t worry, this device integrates seamlessly

Surety is your connection to the award winning ecosystem, allowing you to use hundreds of best-in-class security and home autiomation devices from a single app that runs on almost anything. All that and the industry’s best customer service are why Surety is your home’s best friend.

Specs & Guides

Part number
Number of cameras
Up to 8 cameras
Video playback format
MPEG4 H.264
Speed control
1x, 4x, 8x, 16x
Disk size
1 terabyte (1TB)
Drive Type
2.5″ SATA (Western Digital purple series)
Ethernet connection
10Base-T/100BaseTX (RJ45)
HDMI and USB connections
Locally view live and recorded video
Fanless (quiet) thermal heat sink
3.5 x 3.5 x 5.8
Operating temperature
32⁰-104⁰F (0⁰-40⁰C)
Operating humidity
20%-95% RH (non-condensing)
Power adaptor
12V DC 1.5A with UL/CE/FCC certification

Plan Compatibility

Security Alarm & Automation
Automate Alarm Home
Cameras Only
View Cam Cam Plus
Alarm, Automation & Cameras
Protect Complete


How do I see what happened in my security alarm event history?
In the app when you swipe left to see your event history, any events shown with a right arroww (>) beside them can be tapped to see video recorded on the SVR at that exact time.

Still have questions? We’ve got answers!
The Surety support forum is the #1 resource for answers to all your questions about setting up and using the camera.
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