Resolution Products Universal Repeater, Translator (RE524X)


  • Compatible with DSC, Honeywell, Interlogix (Qolsys) and 2GIG panels
  • Translates DSC, Honeywell, Interlogix, 2GIG and Napco sensors
  • Field configurable RF. Just set the dial to the brand of sensor and the brand of panel being installed
  • Power supply and rechargeable battery back-up is included
  • The wireless Universal Translator can operate as a repeater for all supported brands
  • UL Compliant

RE524X Installation Manual
Please Note: This Product cannot be returned if the “Lock” jumper wire has been cut. Does not repeat life safety device signals (Smoke, CO, Heat)


The RE524X can be configured as a wireless repeater for RF protocols like GE, 2GIG, or DSC. It can instead be used to translate incoming signals from one protocol into a different RF frequency. Dials on the physical product allow the user to define what signals the device listens for and what type of signal it then repeats.
Note that this device will lock to the selected function after 30 continuous days of usage.

Additional information

Control Panel

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