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No contract, monthly services by Surety.

Requires an unregistered compatible cellular communication module.

Product Quantity

Add 24/7 Central Station Monitoring – optional

  • UL Listed
  • TMA 5-Diamond
  • Fully redundant geographically distinct stations

Add Gold Automation – optional

Make your home a Smarthome! Scroll down for a full list of included features.


Add Cloud Video – optional


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Please note: Local regulations may require you to obtain a permit in order to use your monitored alarm system. Failure to do so may result in fines or police refusal to respond to your alarms. It is your responsibility to obtain any required local permit and/or pay any fines you incur due to non-compliance or excessive false alarms. Contact your police department for more information. Local sales tax, rate based on the service address, applies to all monitoring service. Service begins when the order is processed. Orders are processed during business hours (M-F 9am-5:30pm EST).


Optional Add-Ons No Automation With Gold Automation Cloud Video Level 1
(Up to 4 Cameras, 1000 Cloud Clips)
$5.00 per month $5.00 per month
Cloud Video Additional Level
(adds 4 Cameras and 5000 Cloud Clips)
Add $5.00 per month per level Add $5.00 per month per level
Streaming Video Recorder
(requires Video)
$5.00 per month $5.00 per month
Skybell-Only Video
(supports 1 Skybell HD, 400 Clips)
$3.00 per month $3.00 per month
Arming Schedules $5.00 per month $5.00 per month
Smart Energy Management $2.00 per month $2.00 per month
Wellness Home Health Monitoring Requires Gold Automation $5.00 per month
20 Extra Image Sensor Events Requires Gold Automation $2.00 per month