LiftMaster MyQ Control Panel (888LM)

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The Chamberlain CIGCWC kit is also compatible and can be purchased through retail outlets.

emPower LiftMaster MyQ Enabled Garage Door Install Guide

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Control your garage door remotely via the MyQ Internet Gateway and MyQ Control Panel. The MyQ Control Panel is used to retro-fit a LiftMaster compatible garage door with MyQ remote control. Plug the Liftmaster gateway into your Internet connection and your system communicates wirelessly to the Liftmaster MyQ garage door openers. You need 1 Control Panel per garage door opener, and 1 Internet Gateway per system. Works with most LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Sears/Craftsman, Raynor and Access garage door openers manufactured since 1998. It is not required for LiftMaster garage door openers that already show the MyQ logo.

During installation, if you encounter an issue which requires you to remove the device from your account with suretyDIY, please email us at with your account information, asking us to delete the specific device in question, and we will be happy to help.

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2 reviews for LiftMaster MyQ Control Panel (888LM)

  1. Holloway

    Bought two of the 888LM units, for my two doors, and one of the Liftmaster myq 828LM gateways. Installation was simple. Garage door automation is now the most used function of my 2GIG system. Also installed a Tilt sensor from Resolution Products, since I’d heard that those are faster to show current status updates. If I see one of the garage doors has been left open I close it remotely. Also how I left people in the house when I’m not home.

  2. stevetx77 (verified owner)

    I agree with Holloway. Also bought mine with the gateway. I also have the tilt sensor just as a backup, to verify my garage is closed. One thing to note, if you use the mobile app or computer to close your garage door, make sure you aren’t standing near this thing! As a safety measure, it gives a VERY LOUD warning beep to tell people to get out of the way of the door. I learned the hard way… I really love the built in motion sensor for the overhead light. I walk into my garage and the lights turn on automatically. No more swatting at the wall to try and find the light switch!

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