2GIG Wireless Smoke/Heat/Freeze Detector


  • Smoke, heat, and freeze detection
  • Ability to separate the three detection features
  • Self-contained sounder
  • Meets new UL217 8th edition and UL268 7th edition requirements.
  • Designed to recognize smoke from some synthetic materials.
  • Monitors and reports on excessive temperature variations.
  • Rate of Rise alert is sent to the panel and a siren is triggered once the room temperature is 104˚F and the temperature rises 15 degrees or more in one minute.
  • Monitors and reports on excessive temperature variations.
  • Long-lasting battery with projected life of 10 years.
  • 2-year product warranty
  • Easy installation and programming

Panel Compatibility

IQ Panel 2+ 345Mhz Version IQ Panel 4 345Mhz Version

2GIG Wireless Smoke/Heat/Freeze Detector Specification Sheet


The 2GIG Smoke Heat Freeze Detectors are designed to recognize smoke from common synthetic materials and decrease nuisance alarms from everyday cooking. Using advanced detection algorithms and a sophisticated photo-electric optical sensor, these two detectors meet the new UL standards for the year 2020*.

The new 2GIG Smoke Heat Freeze Detector has been designed to detect fire issues earlier, providing a more accurate and timely notice in the event of smoke or fire. Used in conjunction with our thermostat to shut off the ventilation system when a fire is detected

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