PowerG Smoke and Heat Detector (PG9916)


  • Photoelectric smoke detector with built-in heat sensor
  • Provides alerts for fire, tamper and device low battery
  • Visible link quality indication shown on the device
  • Maintenance and battery condition indication
  • Built in 85db Alarm Buzzer
  • Battery life 8 years with typical use

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Why should I use Power G sensors? PowerG is the industry’s leading-edge wireless intrusion technology, providing the best security performance from wireless sensors. Key benefits include:

  • Greatly extended transmission range (3-4 times the range of S-Line)
  • Multi-channel, Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology that overcomes
    frequency blocking and interference
  • Devices dynamically optimize their route to the control panel to avoid RF interference
  • TDMA synchronized communication technology eliminates message collisions
  • AES-128 encryption protects against powerful analysis tools and digital attacks

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