Honeywell 5898 Wireless K-Band DUAL TEC Motion Sensor


  • Advanced DualCore Signal Processing
  • K-Band Microwave Technology
  • Hot or Cold Temperature Alert
    – (< 45° F) warns when temperatures are approaching the freezing point – (> 95° F) warns when temperatures are rising too high
  • Additional Benefits
    – Colder operation down to -4º F (-20º C) for use in unheated areas
    – Look down option provides increased security right below the detector

5898 Data Sheet

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Honeywell’s 5898 Wireless K-Band DUAL TEC Motion Sensor provides superior detection and reduces the risk of false alarms. The combination of PIR and K-Band microwave technologies enable the sensors to distinguish between real intruders and other environmental conditions by “confirming” each other within a defined area of protection. This leads to less animal movement being mistaken for a legitimate alarm trigger. Still not recommended for use with cats, but it works better with cats that a simple PIR motion detector.

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