Garage Door Controller


Your garage door, the way it should be

The garage door just might be the most underrated smart home device.


  • Always know whether your garage door is open or closed
  • Automate and remote control your garage door with Surety
  • Works with almost every garage door opener made since 1993
  • Reliable Surety cellular connection avoids spotty WIFI problems

This product is not needed to use Chamberlain & Liftmaster MyQ garage doors with Surety. More info

Requires Surety Home, Surety Complete, or Surety Automate

1 year warranty


Did I leave my garage open?

Wondering if you left you garage door open is no fun. Close it remotely.

Going for a walk?

No need to lug around a garage door remote control. Just open it with your phone.

One touch and done

Heading out? Just hit the Away scene on the app to close your garage door, lock your doors, turn off your lights and arm your security alarm.

Safety first

Provides both audible and visual warnings prior to remotely-activated door movement, allowing it to meet UL 325-2010 safety requirements.

Unreliable internet?

Connects through cellular so it’s more reliable and doesn’t depend on WIFI. Add WIFI in addition to cellular for maximum reliability with dual path communication.

Don’t worry, this device integrates seamlessly

Surety is your connection to the award winning ecosystem, allowing you to use hundreds of best-in-class security and home automation devices from a single app that runs on almost anything. All that and the industry’s best customer service are why Surety is your home’s best friend.

Specs & Guides

Part number
120VAC, 50/60 Hz
Tilt sensor frequency
345 MHz
Z-Wave Frequency
908.42 MHz
Up to 100 feet to the control panel or to the closest Z-Wave repeater device
Controller dimensions
6.94″ x 1.38″ x 5.0″
Tilt sensor dimensions
1.69″ x 0.88″ x 1.19″
FCC, ETL, UL 325

Plan Compatibility

Security Alarm & Automation
Automate Alarm Home
Cameras Only
View Cam Cam Plus
Alarm, Automation & Cameras
Protect Complete

Not needed for Chamberlain & Liftmaster MyQ garage doors

If you have a Chamberlain or Liftmaster MyQ garage door opener than you don’t need this product. You can use your MyQ garage door as is with Surety.


How do I factory reset my Linear Z-Wave garage door controller?
  1. On the GD00Z, quickly press the Z-Wave Link button five times in a row.
  2. The GD00Z sounds a short beep, flashes several double red lights, and then sounds a long beep to indicate a successful reset.

Still have questions? We’ve got answers!
The Surety support forum is the #1 resource for answers to all your questions about setting up and using the garage door controller.
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