2GIG Wireless Glass Break Detector

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  • Monitors for the sound of breaking glass
  • Two test LEDs
  • Dual shatter recognition technology
  • Lithium batteries with 5 years life
  • 360˚ range
  • Tamper protected
  • Fully supervised

2GIG Wireless Glass Break Detector Installation Manual

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Wireless window glass-break sound detector. They can be used on conjunction with window open/close sensors to detect an intruder whether they pry the window open or break the glass. They must be placed within 15 feet of the window.

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3 reviews for 2GIG Wireless Glass Break Detector

  1. Amanda

    There are plenty of people utilizing 2GIG Glass Breaks, who have found that they work perfectly for their particular situation. However, I wish that 2GIG’s Glass Breaks offered more flexibility. There is no adjusting the sensitivity if you find it isn’t working where you want it. Generally, these are a good fit, but for someone very new to DIY design of an alarm system, you may at least want to consider something like a Honeywell 5853, which does offer different sensitivity settings.

  2. Kris

    We have two of these on our system, one of which is disabled due to too many false alarms. Our dogs’ barking trips this, as does the clattering of a pan in the kitchen sink.

    Overall, I’m not impressed, and may change the configuration to consider it an entry door — so if it’s tripped while in “Stay”, we don’t set off the alarm.

  3. Jay


    2GIG Glass Break can be fine in many situations, I just don’t really care for them. My main issue with them is the range of only 15ft. Ideally, a Glass Break should function as reliable security as well as cut down on cost by being able to cover multiple windows at once. All too often, 15ft is just not enough distance to cover many windows. And just like any glass break detector, they can be a pain to test.

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