How To Prevent Garage Door Break-Ins


Your garage door is one of the most vulnerable entry points to your home. Most home owners assume that since it’s large, metal and motorized it can’t be opened without their garage door opener but burglars know better and so should you. Watch this video on how easily and quickly a burglar can open your garage door and gain entry to your home.

What’s worse is many people leave the door from their garage into their house unlocked all the time because they think the overhead garage door is secure! Even if they do lock it, very few people have a deadbolt lock on that door, let alone a Strikemaster II Pro! Here’s an easy, cheap, do-it-yourself measure you can take to help prevent this type of break-in using a simple plastic tie-wrap. Thanks to ITS Tactical for this informative video!

The lessons to be learned here are:

  1. Overhead garage doors are often insecure doors. You need to take proactive measures to make yours secure. The tie-wrap trick shown above is a great example!
  2. You must treat the door from your garage into your home as seriously as you do your front and back doors. It’s often the preferred door for a burglar to break in because after they get in your garage they can close the garage door and then break into your house from inside your garage without being seen by neighbors.
  3. Your garage door can and should be monitored by your security alarm just like your other doors are. The sooner you detect the threat and sound the alarm the longer you will have delayed the threat before the police arrive.

With the holiday season coming up fast, keeping burglars out of your garage should be a priority. Whether you’re in Columbus, Central Ohio or anywhere in the USA, knowing your garage won’t be a target for burglars this holiday season will give you piece of mind knowing the Grinch won’t steal your Christmas.

suretyCAM’s state-of-the-art 2GIG systems feature garage door tilt sensors that will detect a burglar and start your alarm countdown as soon as your garage door is opened! Combine that with a motion detector and the tie-wrap trick shown above… and you’ll have the safest garage in your neighborhood.

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