Release Notes 1/11/2016

2GIG Go!Control Firmware 1.14 Now Available
  • The GC2 panel now supports 60 wireless zones. The original zones are 1–48; the new zones are 63–74.
  • The GC2 panel now supports 64 user codes. The Master User Code remains User #1 and the Duress Code remains User #8.
  • The GC2 Panel now logs bypass events in the System History for the 2GIG Bypass Door/Window Contact (2GIG‐DW40‐345).
  • The GC2 Panel now supports Z‐Wave device to device association for devices such as Z‐Wave three‐way light switches. This new feature can be accessed on the GC2 panel by using the Device Associations button found in the Z‐Wave Toolbox. Once all of the desired Z‐Wave devices have been learned into the panel, the new feature provides the ability to select the controller device for the association. It also provides the ability to select the devices that you want to associate with the selected controller device.
  • UL 1610 Central-Station Burglar Alarm Compliance Added. The GC2 Panel security system has been evaluated and complies with UL 1610: Central‐Station Burglar Alarm Units, when used with ADC services.
    Requirements for UL 1610 installations:
    1 – Use a GC2 Panel with a 900MHz Transceiver (XCVR2) installed.
    2 – Install an ADC cellular radio (3G or CDMA) module.
    3 -Install a Go!Bridge IP Communicator for use with ADC.
    4 – Utilize an ADC account configured to support Dual Path Monitoring and UL 1610.
    5 – Install a UPS battery backup for the Go!Bridge IP Communicator and the router to which it is connected. (Select a battery backup that can provide a minimum of four (4) hours of backup power to the Go!Bridge IP Communicator and to the router.)
    6 – Set installer question Q91 to (1) radio modem supplier 1.
    7 – Set installer question Q92 to (1) Go!Bridge.
    8 – Set installer question Q96 to (1) enabled.
    9 – Set installer question Q97 to (1) enabled.
    IMPORTANT: UL 1610 installations are for use only as burglar alarm systems and not for fire protection.
  • New Equipment Codes Added. Several new codes have been added to the firmware. These codes are selected by the installer when pairing peripheral devices with the panel.
    These new codes are supported by ADC. The new equipment codes are as follows:
    (1062) 2GIG Tilt Sensor
    (1064) 2GIG Bypass Sensor
    (1065) 2GIG Flood Sensor
View and Control Live Video With The Apple TV App
Similar to the Fire TV app, with the new Apple TV app, Cloud Video Monitoring subscribers can stream live video from their cameras to their TV. You can instantly see what’s happening around the home right from the TV – without getting up from the couch! Subscribers can view up to four simultaneous streams on the screen at one time. If a user has more than 4 streams, then feeds will rotate out every 10, 20, or 30 seconds depending on the user’s preference. A 4th generation Apple TV is needed to use the new app.
Pebble App Update, Introducing Support for Pebble Time Smartwatch
Originally launched in 2014 as the first smart home app for Pebble, the newly updated app lets subscribers arm and disarm the smart home security system, control locks, garage door, lights and thermostats, view the home’s activity history and more. For Pebble Time users, our updated app makes great use of the watch’s color screen, with color-coded icons that clearly show the status of devices around the home. On opening the app, you’ll see your home’s arming status right away, with other features shown in a quick list: just click into any of them to interact with your home. The app is compatible with Pebble Watch, Pebble Time and Pebble Steel, and Pebble works with both iOS and Android mobile phones.

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