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    I live in a city not known for crime. Most residents don’t lock their doors even though we boarder a much larger city. This spring, a rash of home invasions started. Out of concern, I ordered a GC3 through Surety and subscribed to its basic interactive plan through adc. My wife was not happy. This was one of those “forgiveness” not “permission” projects. I didn’t put the alarm stickers in the window for this reason.

    When my wife left for work this morning, she didn’t close the kitchen window (or arm the system). I was able to arm through the app. I returned home for lunch, closed the window and armed the system before heading back to work. An hour later, I received an alarm notification stating the kitchen window was open. I quickly went home to check and found the window pushed open and alarm blaring.

    The would be thief was able to push against the window knocking the latch off then raise the window. He wasn’t expecting the alarm though and fled.

    I reported the incident and will be in contact shortly about switching to Gold Interactive and monitoring. The officer was adamant about the monitoring and adding lights to turn on randomly. He also was very impressed with the adc app and “history” section verifying my claims.


    It’s never good news to hear of a break-in attempt, and an alarm system has traditionally been a grudge purchase.

    A lot of effort is spent by all parties involved to provide wide ranging capabilities on the systems suretyDIY monitors – they have become a whole home automation platform – with additional integration in constant development to provide more and more value beyond being just an alarm system. But when it is needed, the original singular purpose shines, and I am glad to hear another positive outcome!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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