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    Getting Started with suretyDIY- Qolsys IQ Panel

    If you are looking to switch to suretyDIY, the following steps will help you to get up and running with your service powered by

    First, get an idea of the service plan you will want to use. Some considerations include:

    Do you want central station 24/7 monitoring?
    Do you have Zwave Automation equipment like door locks, lights, thermostats etc.?
    Do you have cameras and require Cloud Video?
    Do you have Image sensors or plan to add them?

    Note if you currently have service, your panel’s cellular module can only be associated with one accountat a time. Your existing account would need to be cancelled for suretyDIY to process an order using your cellular module communication number.

    When you’re able to switch service, you’ll need to order the service package that best fits your needs. 24/7 central station monitoring is available with these plans:

    Gold Interactive
    Basic Interactive

    Other add-ons can be included depending on the plan selected. Since suretyDIY is a month-to-month service, you can update or remove additional features at any time.

    Once your order for service has been processed, and your equipment has a usable cellular module,
    follow the instructions found in the suretyDIY welcome email, which you will receive after your service order has been completed, to log in and start using your service.


    Be sure to check out our various video tutorials for the Qolsys IQ Panel, including:

    How to Wire Your Panel
    How to Run a Cell Test
    How to Find and Update the Firmware

    Remember, if you ever have any technical support questions direct them to the forum. All other questions can be emailed to


    The Qolsys IQ Panel utilizes the GE wireless protocol, meaning, the panel works with most 319.5Mhz sensors. Refer to these lists from Qolsys for a rundown of compatible sensors.

    If you have existing wired sensors and you wish to utilize them with your Qolsys IQ panel, you will need a Qolsys IQ Hardwire 16.

    This video here will give you an overview on how to install the Hardwire 16.

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