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    Bought a 2Gig kit from Surety in 2013 and haven’t had an issue with it until now. One of the thin door/window contacts needed a new battery so I changed it. This triggered the tamper alert. I reset the tamper alert for that contact by pressing its tamper switch four times. This cleared the alert. That was sometime in January of this year. Fast forward to this past Monday. That same contact caused two false alarms, each 15 minutes apart. The tamper alert also triggered once I cleared the alarms. Do I need to replace that contact or is there a hard reset for it? At this point I don’t trust the contact enough to arm my alarm so it’s been off since the false alarms. Contact is on an exterior door so it’d be nice to have that entry point monitored again.


    There may always be a malfunctioning sensor which is the cause of such activity, but it is always best to double check installation first.

    Would you might posting a quick photo of the sensor where it is installed?

    Double check that the cover latch was not cracked or loosened from prior removal. Sometimes this can happen which will make it difficult for the tamper switch to fully depress.

    Ultimately the cost of a new DW10 is not significant compared to the whole of the system, so since it is regarding one DW sensor it is of course easy to swap out if needed or if you do not trust the sensor.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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