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    What Z-wave lights are supported by


    Z-wave light switches, receptacles, and bulbs are generally compatible. As light switches are most often simple binary devices with limited differences, most single-function Z-wave lighting devices will be compatible.

    The models of Z-wave Lights which are officially listed and supported by are:

    • Jasco Plug-in Smart Dimmer (28166, 28170) (GE 45602 also supported)
    • Jasco Plug-in Smart Switch (28172, 28168) (GE 45603 also supported)
    • GoControl Plug-In for Appliances with Night Light (PS15EMZ5-1) (Linear PS15Z-2 also supported)
    • GoControl Plug-In for Lamps with Night Light (PD300EMZ5-1) (Linear PD300Z-2 also supported)
    • Evolve: Plug-in Light & Appliance Module (LPM-15)
    • Evolve: Plug-in Dimmer Light Module (LDM-15)
    • IQ Dimmer (QZ2140-840)
    • IQ Outlet (QZ2130-840)
    • Evolve: Duplex Wall Outlet (LOM-15)
    • GE Outlet (45605)
    • Linear: Z-Wave Single Wall Outlet (WO15Z-1)
    • Jasco In-Wall Switch (14318) (GE On/Off Switch 45609 also supported)
    • Jasco In-Wall Dimmer (14321) (GE Dimmer Switch 45606 also supported)
    • GoControl In-Wall Switch (WS15Z5-1)
    • GoControl In-Wall Dimmer (WD500Z5-1)
    • GoControl 3-Way Wall/Dimmer Switch (WT00Z5-1)
    • Evolve: Wall Mount Accessory Switch (LTM-5)
    • Evolve: Wall Mount Dimmer (LRM-AS/LRM-15)
    • Evolve: Wall Mount Switch (LSM-15)
    • GoControl Smart LED Light Bulb (LB60Z-1)
    • Qolsys IQ Lightbulb (QZ2110-840)
    • Aeotec LED Bulb (ZW098)
    • Zipato RGBW LED Bulb Gen 1 (RGBWE27ZWUS)

    Some multi-function devices will not be fully compatible. If you have any questions on what models you can use with your system, please ask on our forum!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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