Surety 2GIG Setup Instructions

After receiving your welcome letter and any equipment you may have purchased, you need to verify that your panel is communicating with the cell phone tower and correctly forwarding alarm signals to the central station. Use the 2GIG Go!Control Installation and Programming Instructions to do this. Download the PDF.

2GIG Go!Control Installation Guide

1. Go to page 59 and follow the instructions to view the Radio Status of your control panel.

2. If the Registration Status displayed says “registered” you can skip to step 3. If the Registration Status displayed does not say “registered” then you need to reboot your control panel. To do this:

2.1. Unplug your control panel from AC power.

2.2. Disconnect the backup battery.

2.3. Count to 10.

2.4. Reconnect the backup battery.

2.5. Plug your control panel back into AC power.

2.6. Go back to step 1.

3. If the Signal Strength is 11/31 or higher then you have chosen a good location for your control panel. If the Signal Strength is less than 11/31 then you must change something to increase signal strength. You can either:

3.1. Move your control panel to another location that gets better signal strength or

3.2. Order an external antenna and use it instead of the built-in antenna that came with your panel.

4. Press the “run radio test” button to run a cell phone test and make sure that your panel is communicating with If the test passes then move on to step 5. If the test fails then visit the forum for technical support.

5. Exit out of the installer toolbox. Make sure you are in a position to answer the phone number you chose for your Emergency Call List and make sure you know your Emergency Password on your agreement before going forward. Arm your system and then trigger an alarm by opening a door and not entering your master code to disarm. After the alarm sounds then you can enter your master code to cancel the alarm and your control panel should tell you that the alarm signal was already sent. If your account is on test mode, you’ll need to call the central station to verify that the signals were received. If you’re ready, you can then have them remove test mode. If you are NOT on test mode, wait for the central station operator to call you. Answer the phone and give the operator the Emergency Password from your contract. If you do not receive a call within 1 minute of sending the alarm signal, call the central station (the number to which can be found in your Welcome to Surety email) to find out whether the signals failed to go through, or whether there is a problem with the call list they have on file (be prepared to give them your password to verify there has been no real alarm), then visit the forum for technical support.

6. Log into your account using the information in your Welcome Letter and verify your email address. Check to see if your history shows the alarm signals from step 5. At this point you have verified that your control panel is successfully communicating with and that alarm signals are being forwarded to the central station. You are responsible for ensuring that your panel is installed correctly and that each sensor is correctly installed and configured to triggers alarms appropriately.

suretyCAM is not responsible for the installation or maintenance of alarm equipment for DIY clients. If you have any questions regarding either, please visit the forum for technical support.

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