Using Your Concord 4 Panel


Surety provides service for all compatible alarm systems, including the Concord 4.

Note that if you currently have service with another dealer, you won’t be able to activate service until that module is no longer linked to an active account. If your module is 4G and unregistered, it would be ready to go!

With an unregistered module, you would only need to activate your system by purchasing a service plan and following our setup steps. This process can take as little as 5 minutes! Click here to get started!

If your module is locked, you can contact your current (or recent) provider and request that your module be released for use with another provider.

You could otherwise purchase a new module. Keep in mind a 4G LTE module will be necessary to create an account. 

Purchase a new LTE Concord 4 module with a free one month Surety Home service trial here.

Can I Upgrade My Panel?

If you are instead looking to upgrade your system, the IQ Panel 2+ sold through Surety uses a 4G LTE communicator and the same legacy 319.5 mhz sensor radio, so existing wireless sensors (with the exception of Image Sensors) can be easily paired with the IQ Panel 2+. Wired sensors can be used in conjunction with a Wired to Wireless translator.

With the IQ Panel 2+, you’ll gain access to optional exclusive features such as:

  • Power G sensor compatibility, for powerful encryption and extreme range
  • Stream video cameras to your panel screen
  • Answer video doorbell calls through your panel
  • Use advanced Z-wave diagnostics to build the best possible network

Check out our low price IQ Panel 2+ systems, with optional financing!


Surety is a no-contract, month to month service and 24/7 monitoring provider for do-it-yourselfers.

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