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Selling House with System:What Happens Upon Lapse of Service

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    Hi, Surety subscriber here, but I also have a house pending sale that has and security monitoring via a local provider, which I have scheduled for disconnection. I’m asking these questions here vs. my current provider as I have much more confidence in the answers that I receive here, especially when it comes to stuff.

    I am currently scheduled to demonstrate how this system works to the prospective buyers, before service gets disconnected. My question is, what happens to pre-existing “actions” that were configured and remain in place after service gets disconnected? The prospective buyers are not sure yet if they want to maintain any of these services, so I’m expecting (at best) a lapse of coverage. By “actions” I mean, schedules/notifications/triggered actions/etc. Broadly speaking, the system consists of:

    Z-wave door locks: Obviously, I wouldn’t expect that the door locks can continue to be locked/unlocked remotely, via app, etc. But, would pre-existing codes configured from continue to be usable with the door locks at the keypad? If not, could “local” codes be configured while the locks remain paired with the Z-wave controller, or would they need to be unpaired, Z-wave radio disabled or otherwise reset in order to allow local codes?

    Z-wave thermostat (ADC-T2000): I assume that pre-existing schedules would cease to work, but that local controls remain usable (i.e. mode changes/setpoint changes at the thermostatus, but not app)? Would pre-existing “Advanced” and “Installer” type settings continue to be honored locally at the thermostat? I assume that the thermostat loses its “smarts” and scheduling capabilities, but that it doesn’t quite turn into a pumpkin completely.

    Z-wave light schedules/triggered actions: Any pre-existing schedules and triggered actions stop working, right?

    Looking ahead, if the prospective buyers choose to pick up service, I assume that all Z-wave device pairings to the ADC controller should remain valid, and that it’s more of a question of service activation, right?

    Thanks for any help in this area, so that I can pass along the appropriate info!


    By “actions” I mean, schedules/notifications/triggered actions/etc

    In general, anything relying on for continual input would not function any longer. Notifications would cease (they come from ADC) Certain automations which rely on ADC integration would fail, like thermostat extreme temp overrides, Geo-services based rules, scenes, etc.

    Basic automation rules are saved and operate locally at the panel and should continue to function in the absence of an account. This would include thermostat and lighting schedules, automation rules based on sensor activity, automatic disarm from lock activity, etc.

    Local lock and panel codes would not change unless you manually edit them. Thermostat settings would remain the same, and advanced settings would not be able to be further adjusted locally on the T2000 without

    When passing off a system to new buyers, it is typically best to delete your user codes (or change them to a value you do not intend to continue using elsewhere).

    Looking ahead, if the prospective buyers choose to pick up service, I assume that all Z-wave device pairings to the ADC controller should remain valid, and that it’s more of a question of service activation, right?

    Unless you delete devices from the panel, they would remain as is.



    Thanks, Jason! Your detailed responses (as always) are very helpful!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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