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PowerG and 4 or more partitions

Support PowerG and 4 or more partitions

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    Hello and thanks in advance for any assistance.

    After a few days of research (now I know enough to be dangerous!) I would like to deploy a system using PowerG to connect to sensors and some other home automation protocol built in for locks and lights and such.
    Must have 4 or more partitions.
    I’ve learned
    2GIG has 4 partitions –but no PowerG
    Qolsys has PowerG –but only one partition
    DSC just released the iotega –why oh why only two partitions?? 🙁
    I believe Johnson Controls/DSC/Tyco has other more commercial type systems but they wouldn’t have home automation would they?
    Does SuretyDIY have a product to meet these requirements or know where to source them?

    Thanks again!


    Fortuitously the next firmware release for the IQ Panel 2 (2.3) is set to add partition support for up to 4 partitions.

    We’re told it is expected to release in December.



    Jason thank you so much for taking the time to respond this has saved me considerable time!



    Hello and thanks again for any assistance!
    I don’t see PowerG sensors in your store only S-line.
    Googling same result.
    Are there Qolsys PowerG sensors?
    Or are you supposed to just buy DSC PowerG sensors?



    We will be offering Qolsys PowerG sensors, but are still awaiting our first shipment. We will post them in our store as soon as they arrive. We expect that to happen within the next month. (Fingers crossed on sooner, rather than later.)






    Any news on the availability of Qolsys Power G sensors?


    While they should be available soon, I do not have an ETA on DSC PowerG sensor availability through Surety.

    There are no Qolsys branded PowerG sensors available, this is a bit of a misnomer. PowerG sensors are from DSC but they are compatible with the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus.



    Got it, thanks!



    if i bought a new IQ panel 2 + system, do i have to buy the powerG sensor instead of S-sensor to achieve the 4x range its PowerG new component?

    what is the real benefit of the powerG in new IQ panel 2 + ? I heard it could be better for house over 5000 sqt due to 4X range, is it true ?

    thanks a lot


    PowerG has increased range over S-Line. For large Sq Ft installs, PowerG may be a better option when it comes to range. Wireless signal range on Sline is about 600ft (open air vs PowerG at 1.24 miles open air.

    More information on the topic can be found here.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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