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    I will like to setup two new accounts/service for my two vacation rentals. Do I need two separate email to do this?



    Nope, you can add multiple subscriptions to the same suretyDIY website login. Each location requires its own account, and each account will require its own unique username. However, you can connect the accounts with Multi-System Access after they are created so that you can access them all with the same credentials and swap between them within the app.

    If you have existing compatible equipment and unregistered communication module, you would just need to purchase a subscription for each.

    Do you have existing equipment or are you looking for new systems?



    Yes, I have a current system and subscription. I want to add two new systems/subscriptions.


    Yes, I have a current system and subscription. I want to add two new systems/subscriptions.

    To clarify, the question would be whether you have existing systems at the two new locations you are looking to monitor.

    If you need a new system, all products are sold a la carte on the suretyDIY store, you can filter compatible products for specific panels under the compatibility menu on the right.

    When the alarm panel, communicator, and service are purchased together, we offer pre-programming of all purchased sensors prior to shipment.

    If buying for two locations, you would make two orders. Only one system purchased at a time.

    If you do not need new equipment for the two other locations, you can just order service by itself for each.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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