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Nest Thermostat vs Energy Management

Support Nest Thermostat vs Energy Management

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    Agreed, Chris.

    Even better would be for Google to buy and integrate the two companies. 🙂


    I second that.



    I’m not sure I want google to own everything, but has the developers to use the NEST API right now….they just need to make it happen that’s all.



    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t seem to be able to activate the “smart schedule” on ADC. (I can only view it). I’m using the “Away Override”, which works ok, but aside from that, I’m just running a simple 7 day schedule.

    I feel like I’m not getting the full meal deal. Please tell me what I’m doing wrong.


    The activity schedule feature balances security system activity to suggest the best times each day to adjust your target levels. You can of course manually change any of it, or you can apply generated templates based on your home activity. As your activity in the home changes (perhaps a sports season draws the family out of the home regularly) these alterations are shown on ADC to help suggest best scheduling and energy saving practices.

    It isn’t something you activate so much as it is a tool you can use.



    Until Google gets bored with it and let’s it die on the vine or tries to Google”ize” it and make it less attractive like they did with Google voice into hangouts.


    I would be torn myself. Development and feature additions may greatly increase with such an acquisition, but the acquisition itself could become a circus, and as another poster mentioned, Google owning everything isn’t exactly an ideal world to me.



    I didn’t read all of this really carefully, but I did notice that the 2gig thermostat I just setup had a wire hookup for external humidity control.

    Granted, without supporting it – I don’t know if it would do much unless there is something you can control locally on the panel once it’s attached.


    Not that I know of. The upcoming thermostat supposedly does have humidity control so I assume will support it then.

    New Smart Thermostat.



    The Smart Thermostat Ryan mentioned, is available now. Interested to hear how everyone thinks it compares.



    Any thoughts on the thermostat? Does the geo features work on more than 1 phone? I.e., more than 1 cell phone owner in the house, can the geo-features be triggered by any of phone or does it only work with one phone? If so, big limitation and oversight imo if their feature-set assumes only 1 person in the house owns a phone.



    It works with multiple phones; that’s an ADC feature and isn’t specific to their thermostat. You can set geo rules that work with any single phone or groups of them together.

Viewing 12 posts - 16 through 27 (of 27 total)

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