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    I would think Qolsys would want to offer some form of compensation for a known issue that they won’t even repair.


    So I can’t even pay to have it repaired? They just want me to pay full price for a new IQ2 Panel after this experience?

    Unfortunately a diagnosis and repair on an out of warranty and discontinued product would have fairly high expense. The issue is likely hardware failure integrated with the main board, and the cost of repair labor would in most cases easily eclipse the cost of a new panel.

    In general this is not unusual or unique to Qolsys. The original panel did have a shorter lifespan than normal as far as when it was discontinued, but Qolsys does seem to bet people will want the latest models if a new panel is needed.

    Keep in mind while we have seen a few similar failures over a few years of time, there is not a known cause affecting the panels.

    We always forward user feedback to manufacturers and we consider it ourselves to influence our sales options.

    While we have a current deal for new customers to receive a 6 month free trial of service with the purchase of an IQ Panel 2+, I know we would be happy to extend that to your existing service plan should you wish to replace with that model, with your next 6 months of service fees being waived.

    Just let us know if you are interested in this option via email or secure message and our team can assist with directing you to the right products!

    As a heads up, note that CDMA modules (like the ones in the original IQ Panel) cannot be newly registered to accounts in ADC Starting in late June. This is due to the impending 3G sunset in a few years. All new activations will require 4G modules. So if you replace with an original IQ panel found from another source like ebay, there is a limited window to activate and it would have a shorter natural span of use.


    In this instance we may have an alternate option for you. I’m going to have customer service email you shortly.



    I received the email. I sincerely appreciate Surety stepping up and finding an alternative solution to my problem. I’ll respond via email shortly. This will go a long way in retaining me as a customer for both Surety and Qolsys. Thank you for all your help.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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