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    So the panel 2+ you sell is QS9201-1208-840 (Verizon) and is backwards compatible with the 319 devices qolsys sells correct?

    Yes, it is compatible with 319.5 sensors, both standard GE and Qolsys, as well as S-Line encrypted Qolsys ones.

    Had a fire alarm go off yesterday they are just hard wired for power (+ a 9v) not to the alarm panel.

    If these are interconnected AC powered smoke detectors you could use one SLXADT3 Firefighter (it is an audio detector that listens for your existing detector to trip) to monitor all of the smoke detectors.

    If the power goes out my exixsting system screams and beeps non stop. Is there a way to defeat that chime on the new panel 2+ / remotes?

    Power loss alerts, like other trouble conditions, can be acknowledged on the panel and silenced. Power loss alerts do not occur immediately, only after a period of power outage.



    Just wanted to make sure i have this all sorted out correctly.


    They you sell the :

    IQ Panel 2+ QS9201-1208-840

    Which connects to your service.

    I would need:

    16F Hardwire kit

    To integrate with my existing wired window sensors & wired motion detector and to connect to the main panel.

    Then i would get 2

    IQ remote QW9104-840

    For other places to arm / control lights / door locks etc.

    I would get 10-15

    IQ Flood-s QS5536-840

    Which would connect to over z wave to the Main IQ 2+ panel. Is there a repeater / way to extend the range of the 319 band?

    I would get 10

    IQ Smoke QS5110-840

    They would connect to the main panel.

    2 7v power supplies for the remote panels

    2 Z Wave extenders

    Skybell slim door bell camera.

    1) Does this all look like it will work together? I don’t want to order 2/3k of stuff and have it fail.

    2) what happens to all this when the power goes out (hurricanes / brown outs)? Do they all have their own back up batteries etc? Do i need one for the hardwire kit?


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    One more to the above; the main panel is not hard wired in any way to the takeover correct? It connects wirelessly with it? Ie i can put it in a 100% new location


    Mostly correct. Just a few details…

    The flood sensors are S-Line security sensors not Z-wave. I don’t see any Z-Wave devices mentioned above so you shouldn’t need Z-Wave repeaters.

    If range becomes an issue with the S-Line sensors you can use PowerG sensors which cost a little more but have a much longer range than other wireless security sensors.

    The hardwire kit has a backup battery but it needs to be charged. You can use the power supply on your old security alarm panel to charge it if you want or you can get a separate charger for it if necessary. It does not get wired to the main Qolsys control panel, it communicates wirelessly.

    Everything has a battery backup except the remote panels. They do include power supplies so you shouldn’t need to purchase those separately.



    Just got everything. A few boxes are a little banged up but i sides look great.

    Adventure begins tomorrow. A few more questions.

    i have 2 16-s hardwires and one existing wired motion sensor and 1 wired siren along with all the doors and windows.

    1) what are partitions (In qolsys) / do i need them?

    2) do i wire the siren to one 16 s or both? Ie will one trigger the other via the connection to the panel 2+

    3) what’s the best way to hide the power cable for the panels… I’m assuming pop a hole above the baseboard and run across?

    4) for the motion detector should it be normally opened or closed (typically)?

    5) for the windows I’m guessing it should be normally closed?


    1) what are partitions (In qolsys) / do i need them?

    Partitions aren’t necessary. they allow you to section off your alarm system so certain users have access to certain areas and specific users can be assigned to each area. It makes it so one an area or areas can be controlled independently.

    2) do i wire the siren to one 16 s or both? Ie will one trigger the other via the connection to the panel 2+

    The siren would only need to be wired to one takeover. Wiring diagram can be found in the manual Keep in mind the HW 16-s translates wired sensors into wireless. Whatever is wired to one will be transmitted.

    Normally Closed for Motions and for the Door Window sensors.

    3) what’s the best way to hide the power cable for the panels… I’m assuming pop a hole above the baseboard and run across?

    This is dependent on the layout and desired mounting and differ on a case by case basis. However there are several videos on youtube that cover this topic in more detail than I could. Keep in mind signalling for optimal panel placement as well when mounting the panel.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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