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    I have a question about the extra fee that I have been paying for Add Cloud video. I am not clear as to what that will do for me. Will there be any viewing from your monitoring center? When I decided to pay the extra I thought that that would allow the monitoring center to check the view before calling me. I guess I was not understanding what the extra fee was giving me for the extra $5.00. I would appreciate if you could please explain to me more about that. Will all cameras need to be Cameras in order to view from the app? I bought another brand that can be set up with the ip address.

    Surety Cloud Video is a cloud based video service using branded cameras. These cameras have proprietary firmware which allows them to connect to cameras cannot be added to ADC.

    The service provides off-site cloud storage of video clips, smart video triggering options using ADC software and your local alarm system, and live streaming through the app. Triggers can then send custom notifications to your smartphone with video clips attached.

    Monitoring Center operators cannot view your camera feeds currently, though this type of video verification is something we are testing with ADC and plan to have available in the near future.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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