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    How do I get started with Legrand Integration?


    Users with Legrand’s On-Q Digital Audio Systems and a Gold Interactive plan can connect smart speakers to their system to add music and audio control to Scenes, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for your Smart Home.

    Integration allows users to wake up with their favorite music or radio station, turn off all the connected speakers in the home when they go to bed or leave home, and even get the party started with a Scene that includes their favorite playlist.

    Once integrated, users can Play/Pause the source, Mute or unmute specific zones, control volume, Display number of zones playing selected source, and open the Legrand app.

    Connect a Legrand system with an account:

    Log into the Legrand app and verify the system displays correctly.

    Note: Legrand Digital Audio System features can only be managed through the app. The device must be on the same network as the audio distribution module for the Legrand app to work properly.

    • Log into your app.
    • Tap the menu icon.
    • Tap Audio.
    • Tap Select System.
    • Tap Legrand.
    • Tap Done.
    • Tap Start to load the speakers (zones) tied to your Legrand Digital Audio System.
    • Tap Continue.

    To control audio using the app:

    • Log into the app.
    • Tap the menu icon.
    • Tap Audio.
    • Tap zone selection. (The zone selection can display as the name of the first zone.)
    • Tap the desired zone. (All zones can be played at once using the Play All option.)

    Zone Setting

    Tap to open the zone settings menu. From here:

    Change the volume of any zone
    Select additional zones to play a source by checking the box next to the zone
    Rotate through your source options to choose different sources for your zones
    Select all zones to play one source
    Deselect all zones from playing a source

    The Source Page

    Tap the three dots on the source menu to go to the source page. From here:

    Play now – play the source on the selected zone
    Play on all zones – play the source on all of your zones
    Play on multiple zones – play the source on selected zones
    Open Legrand App – go to your Legrand Digital Audio app
    Cancel – go back to the source menu

    Source Menu Navigation Guide is attached

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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