General Policies

Warranty info, return policies and privacy policy, oh my! Looking for information on suretyDIY’s house rules? We’ve got it here. suretyCAM’s General Policies

Sending Sensitive Information

Need to send a secured message to our team? You can do so by logging into your suretyDIY account and accessing this page entering the information to be encrypted, and then hitting the “Send” button. Please note that you will not be able to access this page if you are not logged into your suretyDIY account.

Most Common Questions

Q: How do I get technical help?
A: Post your question on the forum. The forum is the fastest and best way to get your questions answered. If you have a technical support question post it on the technical support forum. If you want help deciding what equipment you’ll need post it on the design forum. If you have a question about suretyDIY service policies be sure to check out the policies forum.

Q: But I’ll get helped faster if I call or email you directly, right?
A: No. suretyDIY does not operate phone support. If you email, you’ll reach our customer service representatives. They will not be able to answer technical questions. Our technicians live on the forum and only on the forum. Post on the forum and avoid the frustration of dealing with someone who can’t answer your technical questions. If you have questions about a particular order or want to update your personal information, then send an email to customerservice@suretyDIY.com.

Q: But I would be better off creating a support ticket directly on Alarm.com, right?
A: No. We’re your Alarm.com dealer. When you “Create New Ticket” on the Alarm.com support center that’s just a slower, less reliable way to reach our support technicians. It doesn’t bypass suretyDIY and get you directly in touch with Alarm.com. The fastest way to get help is to post on the suretyDIY forum.

Q: Do I have to sign a lengthy contract?
A: No, our do-it-yourself alarm monitoring contracts are month-to-month. You can cancel at any time with no cancellation fee. We just ask that you give us notice within 10 days prior to the start of your next month of service.

Q: Can I use alarm equipment that I already own or that I bought elsewhere?
A: Yes, in fact we encourage it! We are a service provider, not a hardware seller. We only sell pre-programmed hardware as a convenience for customers who don’t want to do all of the programming out on their own. We offer monitoring for any Alarm.com compatible equipment such as 2GIG Go!Control, Interlogix (Simon, Concord 4, NX), and Qolsys.

Q: Do I need a land line telephone?
A: No, our alarms have a built-in cell phone communicator and are monitored by cell phone calls, not land line telephone calls, increasing your security and freeing you from those pesky land lines.

Q: Do I need to get another cell phone line to use Alarm.com monitoring?
A: No, the cost of the cell phone signal usage is included in your service fee. If you’ve got the right equipment, then by activating monitoring service you’ll be covered. (suretyDIY Module Check)

Q: Why can’t I add two panels or two plans to my cart?
A: While we love having clients utilize multiple systems, we ask that you place a separate initial order for each system. If you are adding pieces on to existing systems however, order in whatever combination your heart desires!

Q: Is there an additional fee to program the equipment?
A: We offer free programming of all your equipment with the purchase of a panel as long as you order one of our security alarm monitoring packages in the same order. We do not program the equipment for you unless you also purchase a security alarm monitoring package in the same order.

Q: How can you afford to do this for such a low price?
A: A significant portion of our cost for security alarms is the installation and maintenance of your alarm equipment. If you are willing to do that work for us then we will reward you by passing those savings directly to you.

Q: Why should I pay for full service when I can do it myself at a lower cost?
A: Some customers should and some shouldn’t. If you’re security knowledgeable, handy with tools and electronics, or you have the time and desire and would like to save money, the do-it-yourself system is for you.

Q: Is suretyCAM liable in any way for break-ins at my house?
A: No. By doing-it-yourself you you are assuming the responsibility and liability for choosing, placing and installing the sensors correctly, ensuring the cell phone connectivity is sufficient, and ensuring alarm signals are correctly being passed through to the central station.

Q: Does suretyCAM pay for or reimburse me for false alarm fees?
A: No. False alarms are caused by 1) failure to use the system properly, 2) failure to design and install the system properly, or in very rare cases 3) equipment malfunction. suretyCAM does not have any control over these matters and does not pay fees for false alarms caused by any of these reasons. When you do it yourself you are taking on these risks and are responsible for preventing your own false alarms. If your authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) charges suretyCAM directly for a false alarm fee then we will charge you for that amount. If you can’t handle this responsibility then don’t do it yourself.

Q: Will it work in my area?
A: Our do-it-yourself security alarm monitoring works anywhere in the United States. Items ship from Columbus, Ohio.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: Orders may be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase only if equipment is still in full working order with no visible damage or wear and tear and is returned complete, in the undamaged original packaging. Additional information on our return policy is shown under General Policies.

Q: Do you have technical support available?
A: Yes. While our emergency central monitoring station is open 24/7, our technical support team’s business hours are from 9:00am to 5:30pm EST Monday through Friday via our forum. Our forum gives you access to the advice of not only our team, but of other fantastically skilled DIYers as well. Ask Away! suretyDIYs Forum If your question concerns a product we offer, we may also have a helpful support video on the product’s webpage.

Q: Can suretyCAM monitor my existing cellular module?
A: Check here: suretyDIY Module Check

Q: Which cellular module will work best in my area?
A: Check here: suretyDIY Coverage Check

Q: Can I order security yard signs and window stickers if I’m not a suretyCAM alarm monitoring customer?
A: No, security yard signs and stickers are only available to customers who also purchase security alarm monitoring from suretyCAM.

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